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When the state of Texas or the federal government bring criminal charges, a defendant’s freedom and reputation hang in the balance. Carter Law has a 15-year track record of fighting for defendants on a wide range of criminal defense matters.

Carter Law can meet your Houston criminal defense needs on a wide range of matters and in both state and federal court. Call us today at (713) 597-6562 or contact us online. 


An assault charge represents a unique challenge and an opportunity for a defense lawyer. Contrary to popular belief, assault per se does not involve physically striking someone. Assault refers instead to a threat of bodily harm. Was the threat made truly credible, one that any reasonable person would have understood as a threat? The attorney can explore all possible mitigating circumstances when advocating for their client. 

Drug Offense

Drug crimes cover a range of possible charges, from possession to sale to trafficking. Conviction of these crimes can bring down harsh mandatory minimum sentencing. A defense lawyer can’t just sit back and roll over for their client. Challenging the legitimacy of evidence is one of several defenses that have a vital place in trials over drug violation and defense attorneys should be skilled and knowledgeable about all the ways this can be done.  

Federal Cases

The federal government getting involved is rarely a good thing for a defendant. First off, the concept of dual sovereignty means thatfederal cases can run parallel to state cases on the same charge. The dynamic of federal trials often requires an attorney with an exceptional attention to detail. Furthermore, sentencing guidelines in federal courts are different from what’s in place for the state of Texas. 

Felony Offense

Conviction of any felony charge brings large-scale implications. Even beyond the most obvious consequence of prison time, a defendant faces losing their voting rights, their right to carry a weapon–even in self-defense, and felony convictions certainly trail the defendant around on their permanent record. A felony charge must be proven to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt–and it's the defense lawyer’s job to keep raising doubts in the minds of the jurors. 


Fraud covers a multitude of possible offenses, from identity theft to fraud with a check or credit card to defrauding a government social services program or an insurance company. Fraud might involve counterfeiting, the use of computers and a whole lot more. If the charged offense involves deliberate misrepresentation for the purpose of getting someone else’s assets, then fraud charges can be on the table. Conviction can bring anything from a $500 fine to life imprisonment. That’s quite a range and where a defendant ends up on that range (if at all) might come down to the quality of their lawyer. 

Experienced in Criminal Defense

Guns/Weapons Offense

The state of Texas allows citizens a great deal of leeway in their use of guns and other weapons. That makes being charged with a violation even more serious because the penalties for conviction are certainly sobering. People can run afoul of the gun laws by selling to minors, those with felony convictions or restraining orders. Firing a gun under the wrong circumstances can bring charges. Even if the defendant doesn’t fire their gun, simply being intoxicated while in possession can bring the law down on them. There’s a lot of maneuvering room for prosecutors…meaning there’s a lot of room for good defense lawyers to help fight on your behalf. 


A murder charge in the state of Texas can result in the death penalty under certain circumstances. Even in cases that don’t involve capital murder, conviction could end up sending a defendant to prison for the rest of their life. But it could also result in a two-year sentence or even a six-month jail term. The quality of the legal defense can literally be the difference in twenty years of a person’s life–if they’re convicted at all. 

Probation Violation

Probation is an opportunity for those convicted of a crime to work on getting their life back together while under strict supervision, instead of doing jail time. When the terms of probation are violated, the defendant stands at risk of losing that opportunity and going to prison for the balance of their sentence. Furthermore, they don’t have the same constitutional protections as existed in the original trial. That only heightens the value of their defense counsel. 

Theft or Shoplifting

You don’t have to leave the store with stolen merchandise to be charged with shoplifting. Leaving an item in the restroom could leave you suspected of hiding the merchandise and that’s sufficient to bring down a shoplifting charge. Theft charges in Texas can be a misdemeanor or a felony. Conviction can result in probation or jail time. Where the defendant ends up on that spectrum is the defense lawyer must fight over, and that fight includes questioning whether probable cause and reasonable doubt ever existed to begin with. 

Aggravated Robbery

Robbery on its own is serious business. Possessing a deadly weapon, under the wrong circumstances, can put a defendant in trouble on its own. Now, combine the two and you have aggravated robbery. A conviction can bring down a potential life prison sentence. Or that sentence might be as little as five years behind bars. That presumes a prosecutor can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The stakes are high enough that a defense lawyer ought to be challenging the prosecutor on every front. 

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A zealous and vigorous defense of our clients is exactly what Carter Law has been doing for the past 15 years. Furthermore, we don’t just challenge prosecutors–we beat them in a court of law. Our track record shows over 1,000 legal victories. 

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