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Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Houston 

Representing Wrongfully Terminated Clients in Fort Bend and Harris Counties

Coping with a job loss is no walk in the park, especially when your former employer does not provide a good reason for your termination. You can easily find yourself being thrown off balance by the uncertainty of the future. 

It’s natural to get upset, we agree, but this may cloud your judgment. Perhaps you want to keep your job or simply, march out with dignity. The best course of action is to contact an attorney. It is your right to file a lawsuit, and the best chance you have at succeeding is to get a lawyer with experience in wrongful termination. 

What Is Wrongful Termination?

It is the employer’s prerogative to terminate an employee. A termination only becomes wrongful if it violates laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A wrongful termination attorney can analyze the nature of your employment agreement and build up a solid case to file for unlawful termination of employment. 

At Carter Law, we are here to give you hope beyond “accept and move on”. Our team of wrongful termination lawyers, who have managed to successfully represent clients in court will be with you all the way. Dedication and client satisfaction is a key driver in what we do.

  • “The Carter Law Firm provided my family security, assurance, and the confidence that we had the best representation in Texas” - Kimberly G.
  • “Integrity, Ethical, Experienced, this firm is amazing!!” - Tammie B.
  • “He has tenacity with a degree of tenderness but never loses sight of the end goal, which is to PROTECT, DEFEND and have the best outcome for his client.” - Kisha M.

Speak with One of Our Knowledgeable Lawyers Today 

At Carter Law, our Houston wrongful termination lawyers can give you a fighting chance for reinstatement or compensation. An initial out-of-court settlement may be a good starting point, more so, if you are seeking reinstatement. There is nothing worse than getting back to work with an irritated employer.

However, if the out-of-court settlement does not work, we will represent you in court. We do seek and recover lost pay, compensation for a damaged image, emotional distress, defamation, and punitive damages. 

Contact us by calling (713) 597-6562 today for legal representation against wrongful termination.

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