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Hostile Work Environment

Hostile Work Environments in Houston

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As an employee, it’s your right to work in a conducive environment, and it’s your employer’s responsibility to ensure that such an environment is maintained at all times. While many factors contribute to an unfriendly work environment, a bad boss can also turn a workplace into a hostile place for the workers.

If you’re subjected to a hostile work environment, you’ve got the right to file a lawsuit against your employer for compensation.

Before you file a lawsuit, however, it’s important that you have a grasp of what a hostile work environment entails. Certain conditions must be met for the workplace to be considered hostile. There must be evidence of specific actions by your boss or coworkers that affect your work performance.

In the case of a lawsuit, you must prove that there are actions that you believe constitute hostility and these must be contrary to the reasonable expectations of a conducive work environment. Also, the act has to be discriminative in nature.

You can start on the right footing by hiring an attorney who sports expansive experience in employment law.

The employment law attorneys at Carter Law will get the job done for you. Not only are our lawyers experienced in handling hostile work environment cases but they also boast of an admirable success trail. That’s the reason why we don’t charge our clients if we lose their cases. Yes, you only pay if we secure a win for you.

Besides representing you in court, we also provide legal advice on how you should conduct yourself at the workplace to avert any possible counter accusations against you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Constitutes A Hostile Work Environment?

There is a hostile environment when the employee is subjected to an offensive or intimidating work environment by a manager, supervisor, or colleague. Under the law, it happens when the work environment becomes so unbearable that the employee is unable to either continue working or the work environment has changed to that you are no longer comfortable going to work. 

Can You Give Me Some Examples That Cause A Working Environment to be Hostile?

The following are some examples of things that cause a hostile working environment: 

  • Violation of rights
  • A form of discrimination or harassment
  • Behavior that solicits fear
  • Any behavior that causes you disruptions in your ability to work.

 Can file a case against my employer or colleague for a hostile work environment?

Yes. A hostile work environment can be a form of discrimination. If you feel that your workplace no longer support the rights of employees for a friendly, safe, and healthy workplace, you can file a case against your employer and recover damages.

Take note however that just because your colleagues have been bullying you for a while doesn’t eventually constitute a hostile environment. Eventually you will need a good lawyer to help you win the case.

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