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Equal Pay

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Under the equal pay act, employees performing the same tasks are entitled to equal pay regardless of their gender and origin. 

Equal pay isn’t only limited to the salary, it’s also applicable to:

  • Bonuses
  • overtime pay
  • any other benefits an employee is entitled to

For instance, an employer isn’t allowed to provide different remunerations for travel expenses or accommodations for male and female employees based on their gender. If you’re performing the same job role, your employer must make sure you get the same treatment. 

What Is the Scope of Equal Pay for Employment?

The principle of equal pay is based on the Texas Equal Pay Act which mandates that all women employees must be paid the same as men performing the same kind of work. In other words, no distinctions in compensation should be done based on sex. 

However, there are some exceptions for equal pay, even where the same job roles are involved. For example, an employer can give higher pay to a worker based on the job location and level of education, even if the two employees perform the same duties. A worker with a graduate degree is likely to get higher pay than the one with a bachelor’s degree, and there’s no debate about that.

In a case where your employer downright violates the equal pay discrimination law, you have a right to file a lawsuit against them to be compensated for the discriminative act. 

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Carter Law Provides Aggressive Legal Representation 

If you’re undergoing equal pay discrimination, consider seeking legal advice from our defense attorneys at Carter Law. During your first in-person consultation, we’ll offer you a free step-by-step guide on what to expect during the court proceedings to make everything clear before the hearing. All you need to do is to provide us with any information relevant to the case to help us handle your case.

Our attorneys will work ceaselessly to give you the best outcome in the corridors of justice. If all goes well, as is usually the case, you’ll be compensated for the damages caused to you by the discriminative act of your employer.

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